F Warrior Forged Project


During this 3-hour seminar, we discuss the mental and physical aspects of self defense, how to mentally prepare yourself for a violent event, and physical techniques to consider if you ever find yourself in a situation. Part of this seminar is a classroom style presentation, with a lot of information regarding the mental and psychological aspects of self defense. We work on some basic survival techniques and motivate adults and children to train consistently. This seminar can be used as a good introductory class into the martial arts, as an informational class for students or groups, or as a safety course for businesses and corporations. All of our Self Defense Seminars are FREE to both the host of the venue and to the attendees. We encourage attendees to wear comfortable clothing and bring water. Mature topics are discussed, attendees are advised that some ideas and situations discussed will be of sensitive nature and may bring up discussions with adults or children after the seminar. This seminar targets adults and children ages 9+


For a private seminar in your area, please contact us for additional information.