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The Warrior Forged Project is dedicated to educating the world on the critical need for self defense education. We feel that if we reach enough people with our message, that we can certainly cause a ripple effect that will change the world for the better. We have found that we are unique from other self defense programs. Not only are our seminars and weekly programs completely FREE, but we teach self defense in an entirely different way then others. We share our stories, and enlighten our students in the areas of self worth, value of human life, and how awareness is achieved by continued education and not so much the learning of physical technique.

The Warrior Forged Project reaches people through seminars, classes, assemblies, presentations, online media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets, webinars, websites, meetings, private events, podcasts, mobile apps, and blogs.

Our motto… Be Your Own Hero. Be Warrior Forged.

Certified Instructors

"All of our instructors are certified through Integrated Combat Systems University, and have extensive and continuous training through the Warrior Forged Project."

Individual Approach

"Every student that the Warrior Forged Project reaches is able to learn at their own pace. We train all ages and all levels."


"We stress the importance of continually training. Practice makes perfect, then we go on to the next level... we teach our students and instructors to never stop learning."